Accredited Investors.US is a place where companies can advertise their PPMs directlyFinancial concepts to Accredited Investors (We had over 10,000 unique visits from September 23 2013 through October 22, 2013 – our first month up and running) and a place where Companies can engage other professionals to do as little or as much as a company needs to write, advertise, and market their PPMs. For services available Click here.

There are three ways of directly advertising on our site:

1) You may place a PPC ad (pay per click) such as you see above on the site for free. You will only be charged when people click on your ad and go to your website.  Thus you will only pay for interested leads. Leads are $1.00 per click. DISPLAY ADS can also be displayed on the right hand side of our blog for $100 a month plus $1.00 per click. DISPLAY ADS can be seen from multiple pages on the blog.

2) You may place a CLASSIFIED AD for just $99.99 a month and take advantage of our traffic of accredited investors to this site. We have over 10,000 accredited investors on our internal lists that we are inviting to this site after September 23, 2013 when the rules change. Ads are a flat fee and you don’t get charged for any visitors to your site.

3)In addition to the above, for those who are interested, information about your company along with a PPM can be distributed to a) over two million accredited investors, b) to over 50,000 Securities Brokers, c) to over 40,000 Registered Investments Advisors, d) to over 100,000 media print, radio and TV Media outlets (press releases or feature article submissions) and e) over 20,000 institutional investors. For a price list – go here.


AccreditedInvestors.US – It is also a place where  COMPANIES wishing to do securities offerings can get referrals to legal and marketing professionals that can help you prepare, advertise and market your offerings. Or if you want to engage us directly we can do it all for you by putting together a team of professionals to help you with your PPM at every single point – Restructuring your company for optimum PPM acceptance, enhancing your company with contracts and asset investments/acquisitions,  writing the PPM, advertising the PPM, and marketing your PPM.

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