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If you are a BUSINESS and want to Advertise to Accredited Investors under the SEC’s new rules, AccreditedInvestors.US is a place where you can advertise your offering in THREE distinct ways:

1) You may place a PPC ad HERE (pay per click) such as you see above on the site for free. You will only be charged when people click on your ad and go to your website.  Thus you will only pay for interested leads. Leads are $1.00 per click. PREMIUM ADS can also be displayed on the right hand side of our blog for $100 a month plus $1.00 per click. PREMIUM ADS can be seen from every page on the blog.

2) You may place a CLASSIFIED AD HERE for just $99.99 a month and take advantage of our traffic of accredited investors to this site. Ads are a flat fee and you don’t get charged for any visitors to your site.

3)In addition to the above, for those who are interested, information about your company with a link to your own page on your website can be distributed to our a) general or b) targeted Accredited Investor email lists. For a price list on email distributions – go here.


AccreditedInvestors.US It is also a place where BUSINESSES wishing to do securities offerings can get referrals to legal and marketing professionals that can help you prepare and market your offerings.

Please explain what you are looking to do below and we will send you a customized referral to fit your needs. (We do not believe in blanket “cookie cutter” referrals. Our principals have been taking companies public for over 25 years and if there is anything we learned, it is that legal and investment banking issues in the securities area are complex and most often require referrals to specialized consultants.)

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