Live Leads

Attractive young businessman on the phone in an office will broadcast your pre-recorded message anywhere in the United States and Canada! And if you want you ONLY PAY for transferred calls – those who press 1 to talk to a live representative.

We can broadcast to your list of accredited investors (that way you don’t have to waste time making 30 phone calls to speak to one person) – or any other list that you might have, or you can purchase TARGETED (Zip code, area code, business category, investors, manufacturers, accountants, etc.) or PRE-QUALIFIED ( pre-qualified by a live agent within 24 hours to 7 days before given to you) lead lists from us.

Automated telemarketing is one of the best and most cost effective ways to get qualified leads and it is completely EXPANDABLE and programmable. Whether you are a 1 man sales force that can handle one call an hour or a 50 man phone room that needs 500 calls an hour, we can service you.

Use our broadcast capabilities to find potential investors, merger and acquisition targets or potential clients for your products or services. There are no long term contracts. Just pay for our services as you need them, and if you prefer you can only pay for results – Live Transferred Calls!

Just select from one of our two simple pricing plans, record your outgoing message, and start your calls! You can either (1) pay ONLY for transferred calls (Press-1 Responses) or (2) pay ONLY per minute. You can even change your pricing plan to whichever costs you less at anytime! You will always be in complete control over your campaign 24/7 via our Web Based Account Management System. (See demo Here) (See Full List Of Features Here). Additionally we will provide you access to the largest national consumer and business database available included as part of our service at NO extra charge.

(Please note, robo-calls and telemarketing are licensed and restricted in many states and by Federal Laws. Please familiarize yourself with the laws before using any of our free lists to make sure you are compliant. For more information on laws, rules and regulations go to our legal links page here.) 

System Functions – we can:

  • Transfer calls to your team at any phone number(s) live – your team can be in multiple locations. We can transfer to one or a dozen or more representatives. Our system is intelligent and keeps tracks of calls. It knows when all the lines are busy and will slow down as not to overwhelm representative who are already on a call. You can even set the speed of the system. It can make 1 call a minute, 50 calls a minute or 2500 calls a minute. If you are getting too many calls you can slow it down. If you aren’t getting enough calls you can speed it up.
  • Leave a message on an answering machine with a call back number – (our system can distinguish between live answers and answering machine answers and can deliver a live message to a live answer and a different answer machine message to an answering machine or voice mail answer.)
  • Perform double opt-in transfers (called party gets brief message and presses “1” for more information. They are then routed to a longer outgoing message to further pre-qualify the caller. After hearing this message they can press “1” to transfer to a live representative.)

System Functions – You can:

  • Monitor your sales force. Our system lets you record each transferred call. This way you can review and train new salesmen who are making mistakes.
  • Run reports – get a CSV spread sheet containing all those numbers who pressed “1” to speak to a live person. Get a record of all dialed numbers on any given date.
  • Get an email notification every time a call is transferred.

We give you all the tools to do it right!

Types of Plans

Your List / Our Automated Callers – Do you have your own lists? You can upload them into our system and our system will do the rest. You can even maintain multiple lists on our system and switch back and forth.

Our Free Lists/ Our Automated Callers – You have access to over 220,000,000 Business and Residential Phone numbers which can be targeted by Area Code/Zip Code/ SIC Codes. You can maintain our free lists, pre-qualified lists and your own uploaded lists on the same system.

Our Pre-Qualified/Targeted Lists / Our Automated Callers – We have access to pre-qualified lists of accredited investors, investors and/or practically anything else you want. Pre-qualified leads can costs between $ .50 to $50 a name. Don’t have time to call a bunch of people who don’t answer. Our system can call, leave messages and transfer live interested parties to you without the hassle of you having to make calls. It will even give you reports on who answered, who didn’t, who was left a message, etc.

Contact us to design a program and get a quote today. 

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