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WRITE YOUR PPM – One of our SEC attorneys or SEC paralegals will professionally write your PPM for you.

REVIEW YOUR PPM – Write your own PPM and we can have one of our attorneys or paralegals review it for you and tell you what corrections you need to make.

MAKE YOUR PPM STRONGER AND MORE APPEALING TO INVESTORS – We are specialists in taking companies public. Depending on the quality of your offering we can often give you a contract to go public, and a firm commitment term sheet from a broker dealer or institutional investor to fund you after you are public. Having an exit strategy in place with contractual commitments before you raise money is often much more appealing to investors than offerings without these commitments.

FINANCIAL ENHANCEMENTS TO YOUR BALANCE SHEET – Depending on the company, we can often enhance your balance sheet prior to the PPM with acquisitions and other non-cash assets or investments.

CONSULT and GUIDE you on your PPM and Money Raise. Most investors are sophisticated. Don’t think you can get away with an amateur job just because you are potentially the next Microsoft. Get help and guidance!

BROKER DEALER PLACEMENT – Don’t want to raise the money yourself? We can help you prepare your PPM for broker dealer placement and we can help you secure broker dealers to raise money on a rule 506 (c) private placement.

ADVERTISE YOUR PPM. We can help you implement any or all of the following advertising programs, OR we can do the entire advertising program for you:

1) AD Listing, Display AD or Pay-Per-Click ad on Accredited Investors.US
2) Email Broadcast to Accredited Investors. We have over 2.1 Million Accredited Investors we can email broadcast to.
3) Newspaper Advertising

a) Mainstream advertising in major newspapers like Los Angles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal.
b) Comprehensive advertising in over 300 free newspapers nationwide.

4) Google/MSN/and other search engine Advertising.
5) Radio and TV Advertising
6) Feature Article Distribution
7) Postcard and Letter mail out programs

Contact us here and let us know what services you are interested in and we will have one of our professionals get back to you.

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